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Bargaining Update: Chartwell Griesbach H. Valley and W. Rose, L047/054

Chartwell tries to corner members into voting on subpar offer

Sep 22, 2020

Employer tries to corner employees into voting on subpar offer

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Although your elected negotiations team told Chartwell its last offer was not good enough, the company is trying to force a vote on its proposal. It is a shameful “divide and conquer” tactic designed to stall progress toward a fair collective agreement.

The last time your negotiations team met with the company, they tabled an offer based on the Steelworkers collective agreements, which fall well below the contracts they should be using as comparators.

As an AUPE member, you’re part of the union that represents the majority of Alberta workers in your field. Your fellow members have worked hard to improve compensation and working conditions in the seniors-care industry, and you deserve the protections they’ve won that are now standard.

Chartwell applied for the forced vote at the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) on Sept. 15 even though the company agreed in January to a mediation process which is only halfway through. We were supposed to proceed to “enhanced mediation” in October, where a mediator would write recommendations for settlement if we could not mutually agree.

Chartwell’s vote application will interrupt that process, and it is an attempt to undermine your negotiations team, whom you elected to represent your voice at the table.

Our AUPE legal representatives are looking at all avenues available to us for addressing the application. But if the employer gets its way at the Board, all members need to understand what we would be voting on.

Chartwell, like other continuing-care companies, would love to see a new low bar set for seniors-care workers. This is why they want you to accept less than you’re worth now, so in the future, it’s that much harder for you to win improvements and new protections.

But we can stop this petty attempt at driving down the working and living conditions in Alberta’s seniors care homes. If we have to, we will band together and vote NO on Chartwell’s proposals and fight to move to enhanced mediation, where we will make our case for the protections we deserve. The fight for a fair collective agreement is not over as long as all of us work together.

At this time, it is essential that you update your contact information with AUPE—especially your personal email and phone number— so you receive timely information about a potential vote. Call 1-800-232-7284 to make sure we know how to reach you when the time comes!

Stay tuned for upcoming text messages, phone calls and emails from your negotiations team and other union representatives to find out how we can stand together! You can also reach out anytime for more information or to share any comments, questions or concerns you may have.

*Remember to share this update with your fellow co-workers who may not have received it!

Benjamin Kiwang or 780-885-3210
Stella Diaz or 780-721-6496
Bernie Kelly or 780-717-9130

Merryn Edwards AUPE Negotiator or 780-952-1951
Michelle Szalynski Organizer or 403-634-8262
Celia Shea Communications or 780-720-8122


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