On June 13, a Ministerial Order was provided to AUPE, which returns the way compensation levels are calculated for fire tower lookout observers and senior lookout observers, to the way it was delivered in previous fire seasons.

Updates to the Employment Standards Code last year resulted in the employer introducing a new compensation policy for the 2019 fire season. This was done without consultation with AUPE.

Once your union was informed of these changes, which resulted in excessive challenges this season, it worked with the employer to resolve the issue.

We’re pleased to inform you this change to pay is retroactive to the start of the 2019 fire season. Dates you’ll receive retroactive pay earned are not yet confirmed.

Furthermore, there will be no clawbacks of already-worked compensation.

This Order resolves all grievances directly related to this issue as well.

Please contact AUPE’s Member Resource Centre at: 1-800-232-7284 with any questions you may have.

Your union thanks you for the critical work you do 24-hours-per-day during the fire season. Your roles are crucial to ensuring the safety and security of Albertans and we’re pleased you will be compensated more fairly for it.

More than 100 Albertans work as seasonal fire tower lookout observers in remote locations around the province.

Please see a copy of the Order in the link below.