AUPE President Guy Smith met with Alberta Transportation Minister Brian Mason in June to discuss the ongoing situation with Carillion Canada.

AUPE has expressed concerns over the future sustainability of Carillion, the job status of our members employed by the company in Alberta, and the status of the first collective agreement negotiated by those members last year.

In their meeting, President Smith pressed the government to ensure those highway services and the workers providing that service are protected. According to a letter provided by Minister Mason today, Alberta Transportation is currently in discussions with Carillion Canada and an unnamed third party to assign the highway maintenance contracts currently handled by Carillion.

According to the letter, “the proposed arrangement will honour all existing labour agreements between Carillion and AUPE.”

No timeline has been provided for the completion of these discussions, but the provincial government is confident “a resolution will be reached in the near future.”

The concerns of the union came to rise after Carillion Canada’s parent company (UK-based Carillion PLC) filed for bankruptcy in early 2018. Carillion Canada is responsible for maintaining more than 40 per cent of Alberta’s highway network. As a result of concerns over its sustainability, the Alberta government has already provided a $12-million cash injection to the company to help ensure it can meet payroll and operational needs.