Information on Emcon’s Transition of Carillion Canada Employees

As a result of a court-ordered sale, Emcon Services Inc. successfully took over what were formerly Carillion assets and Alberta road maintenance contracts, as of Aug. 1st, 2018. As a result of this sale, members have reported issues to AUPE that personally impact them.


Members have reported to AUPE that transition of the existing Blue Cross plan that regular members were entitled to has been suddenly and unexpectedly terminated. As a result, regular employees who have tried to pick up prescriptions with their benefits plan have had their direct claims declined.

Emcon’s plan to address this situation has been to send out applications forms to each shop for regular members to complete. The forms can then be scanned and sent to Emcon HR email at OR faxed to 250-378-4106 (email or fax only, but not both). From there, Emcon will fill out the employer portion of the form and forward it along to CoRe. For those who have not seen the application form, we have attached the application form here. You are encouraged to print out the form, fill it out and submit it as soon as possible. When submitting the form, please also include your Membership Services Officer, Guy Quenneville, on the email (

Save all receipts for payments made out of pocket for benefits that would have been previously covered. Once you are re-enrolled in the benefit plan, you need to submit those receipts for reimbursement.

“All regular members are entitled to benefits under Article 24 of your collective agreement. Please take time to read through the article and your entitlements. AUPE is in contact with Emcon to ensure you get all of your benefit entitlements under Article 24.


AUPE is aware of the transition issues related to your paystubs, such as banked balances not being carried forward to the new Emcon paystubs.

Again AUPE is in contact with Emcon to get clarification on all banked balances owed to members and is encouraging all members to save all pay records, including time sheets, in case Emcon needs to make adjustments. If you note any discrepancies on your pay stub, show them to your Foreman and Superintendent immediately. If you tell them in person, it is important to follow up in writing.

We would also like to clarify that while your Carillion Pay Advice showed “AUPE” next to some entitlement categories, this did not mean that AUPE was in control or administered that entitlement in any way. Carillion used this code on your pay stubs to ensure you received entitlements under the collective agreement.

You are encouraged to include you Membership Services Officer, Guy Quenneville ( on any emails you may send to your new employer about any concerns so that your union can keep track of problems members have. This helps your union be proactive in addressing any challenges.

Your employer has indicated that they understand some errors could have been made during the transition process and is asking for patience while they are addressed. We can make it easier for the employer to address these errors by keeping copies of records and advising the employer about errors we discover.

AUPE is committed to ensuring you receive all of your entitlements under your collective agreement that you all worked so hard to establish.

We will continue to post member updates on and

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Membership Services Officer, Guy Quenneville at 1-800-232-7284 or