Last week, 23,000 front line government workers’ wage arbitration hearings (which they were promised) were cancelled because the UCP said Bill 9 received royal assent to become law on June 21.This was a lie. Bill 9 did not receive royal assent, but it’s still on the table, and our members and other Albertans want an explanation.

Download a draft letter to Labour Minister Jason Copping and Finance Minister Travis Toews holding them to the promises they’ve made.

Copy and paste the text into your own document – edit, share and send your letter in an email to:,,,,,,,,,

Don’t have an email or prefer the phone? Use the letter as a phone script and call Alberta’s leaders:

Minister Jason Copping: 780-638-9400
Minister Travis Toews: 780-415-4855

When workers’ rights take a hit, we fight back.