Throughout the provincial election campaign, United Conservative Party (UCP) leader Jason Kenney has made a number of health-care announcements that directly affect the critical work you do.

Those announcements continued today, with Mr. Kenney restating his plans to further privatize and contract out hospital laundry services and kill a much-needed public laboratory hub in Edmonton, should his party win the April 16 election.

These health-care privatization plans put your jobs at risk.

While your union negotiated crucial job security language in your most recent collective bargaining agreement reached last year, these protections expire March 30, 2020.

Regardless of the ideological positions and opinions of some politicians, your union and many Albertans know the important work you do every day on the front lines is critical to Alberta’s quality health-care system.

And whatever result the provincial election brings, AUPE will continue to stand with you and fight for the important work you all do to help make and keep Albertans healthy.