EDMONTON – More than 100 Licensed Practical Nurses and Health Care Aides at Hardisty Care Centre, a 180-bed nursing home at 6420-101 Ave, Edmonton, have served strike notice on their employer to protect the quality of care for nursing home residents.

The strike will begin 7:00 a.m. Tuesday, May 22 unless the employer, Park Place Seniors Living, accepts independent recommendations for an agreement that would gradually move nursing staff to industry-standard wages. AUPE has invited the employer to continue negotiating Friday and through the long weekend to avert a strike.

“Park Place Seniors Living is fulfilling all the worst fears Albertans have about private health care,” said AUPE President Guy Smith. “They are putting their profits before the quality and stability of care for the most vulnerable Albertans.”

Park Place is paying wages 30 per cent below those paid by AHS, but receives public funding to pay nursing wages at the same level as those in the AHS collective agreement. A provincially-appointed Dispute Inquiry Board proposed moving Hardisty wages to the industry standard over three years.

AUPE accepted independent, third-party recommendations for settlement, twice. Both recommendations determined Park Place is funded with public dollars to pay wages at Hardisty similar to those paid by AHS and other private operators and adopted AUPE’s position on wages (see backgrounder). In both cases Park Place Seniors Living rejected the recommendations for settlement.

“We wouldn’t be in this situation if Park Place was paying the industry-standard wages they get public funding for to attract and retain nursing staff that can maintain the quality of care seniors deserve,” said Smith.

AUPE has begun a letter writing campaign at to encourage Premier Alison Redford to take action.


See following Backgrounder, and click here to download the Dispute Inquiry Board recommendations for settlement

For more information, contact:

Guy Smith, President, AUPE – 780-930-3301 or 780-265-2294 (cell)
Jim Petrie, Negotiatior, AUPE – 780-930-3335 or 780-399-8755 (cell)
Mark Wells, Senior Communications Advisor, AUPE – 780-930-3311


  • November 2011:
    • After eight months of fruitless negotiations for a first collective agreement the employer and union agree to enter mediation.
  • December 2011 – February 2012:
    • The mediator’s recommended terms of settlement endorses AUPE’s wage position. AUPE members vote in favour of the settlement. Park Place Seniors Living rejects the settlement.
  • March 2012:
    • Park Place Seniors Living votes to lock out the LPNs and HCAs. AUPE members vote in favour a strike. Human Services Minister David Hancock puts all job action on hold by appointing a Dispute Inquiry Board.
  • April 2012:
    • The Dispute Inquiry Board concludes: “a new wage scale should move Hardisty employees to wages comparable to those paid to LPNs and HCAs under other AUPE auxiliary [nursing] care collective agreements… I have not been persuaded that Hardisty’s funding rate for HCAs and LPNs is sufficiently different from comparable facilities to warrant the payment of wages lower than those paid to LPNs and HCAs under other collective agreements.” AUPE members accept the recommendation for settlement.
  • May 15, 2012:
    • The day after rejecting Dispute Inquiry Board’s recommendations for settlement, Park Place Seniors Living serves a lock-out notice on Hardisty Care Centre LPNs and HCAs.