As a result of the resignation of Vice-President Erez Raz, effective at the close of Convention 2016, there is a requirement to hold an election at Convention to fill the vacant Vice-President position.

At the September 8th and 9th meeting of the Provincial Executive AUPE, policies pertaining to the election processes for Executive Officer positions were amended and motions were made to allow for candidates to access the Convention delegates list, provide a written submission for the AUPE Convention website and email Convention delegates:

1. Any member in good standing who intends to run for election must submit their written intention to do so to the chair of the Provincial Executive Elections Committee. The Chair of the Committee is Brother Derek Heslinga (Local 060 Provincial Executive rep).

Brother Heslinga can be contacted directly at or by registered mail, or in person, delivery to the attention of Derek Heslinga at AUPE Headquarters, 3rd Floor Executive Office, Solidarity Place, 10451 170 St. NW, Edmonton Alberta, Canada T5P 4S7.

2. A declared candidate must make a deposit of $100, which will be refunded upon their acceptance of nomination at Convention.

3. In order for a declared candidate to receive a Convention delegate list, post a statement of up to 500 words on the AUPE Convention website and send an email message to delegates, the $100 deposit, along with the written website statement and written email message must be received as noted in 1) above, no later than Friday Sept 23rd, 2016.

4. Notwithstanding the above, any member in good standing can declare their intention to run in the election for the vacant Vice-President position up to and during the nominations process at Convention. All candidates, regardless of when they declared their intention to run in the election, must be duly nominated at Convention at the prescribed time on the agenda.