EDMONTON – Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) President Guy Smith said the UCP government’s Bill 2: an Act to Make Alberta Open for Business, tabled this afternoon, will make life worse for hard-working Albertans at a time when every paycheque dollar counts.

“Today we saw the government table a bill that hurts working families in order to make things better for employers. Alberta’s premier stood alongside restaurant industry lobbyists to announce changes to banked overtime and holiday pay, the rollback of the minimum wage for younger workers, which will be applied in just 30 days, and promised even more anti-worker legislation this fall. All of this makes it abundantly clear who the government is aligned with.

“This bill is aimed at helping people at the top make more off the backs of the employees who make their businesses run. It’s a favour to those who supported the government during the campaign and will do nothing to create the jobs the premier claims it will.

“This is just the beginning of attempts to rollback the rights of workers,” said Smith.

AUPE will continue to watch the government closely and is prepared for any challenges that members, other workers or our communities may face as a result of the province’s actions.

With more than 95,000 members province-wide, AUPE is Alberta’s largest union.


For more information:

Tyler Bedford, AUPE senior communications officer: 780-298-7626