Bargaining survey results

The results from our surveys are in, and your bargaining team wants to thank all of you for the time and detail you put into your responses. These will help us prioritize conversations at the table and push for changes that improve all of our staff’s working conditions.

Bargaining Survey Results
Over half of you responded to the bargaining survey with good participation from all classifications as well as full-time, part-time and casual workers. It’s clear one of your top priorities is wages. Your expectations for increases ranged from 2.5 per cent to five per cent a year with the majority of you standing behind four-per-cent wage increases in each year the contract applies.

Other improvements you agree need to be reflected in our contract include (in order of importance):
1. Health benefits (ex. the Employer’s premium cost share on your health insurance)
2. Workload and staffing
3. Special leave with pay
4. Sick leave
5. Job security and contracting out

Many of you want to push for more staff on shift, so no one is overworked; better occupational health and safety policies to keep you and the residents you care for healthy; and fewer staff transfers between units to create a more stable and comfortable environment for patients.

You are not alone in your desire for substantial change. Your bargaining team is committed to representing these concerns and more. The Brenda Strafford Foundation may own Wentworth Manor, but you are the experts of your work. You deserve to be heard.

Upcoming Events

We have two mobilizing barbecues coming up on July 13 and 31 (times and locations to be determined).

These social events are a chance to join us for free food and conversation about our unit’s plans moving forward. Continue to check for any updates.

Until then, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact one of us – your bargaining team is here to support you. And don’t forget: anytime your employer asks to meet with you, you are entitled to ask for union representation.

Margaret Kapuwa 403-903-0974
Purificacion Aseniero 403-919-1963
Valerie Mitchell- Barrett 403-383-3225

Cecile Griggs 403-264-0569
Gilmise Joseph 587-582-8465
Kebede Amenu 403-710-7111

Jaime Urbina, Organizer 587-599-7557
Darcy Thiessen, Membership Services Officer 780-850-1449
John Wevers, Negotiator 780-238-4767
Celia Shea, Communications 780-720-8122