Bargaining reaches impasse

For over a year, we’ve tried to renew a collective agreement with Retirement Concepts, and on more than one occasion they’ve disrespected you and your work by proposing unjust rollbacks, refusing to offer counter proposals and cancelling meetings.

On May 1, the tone at the table changed. We signed off seven items, including Seniority, Workplace Respect, and Workers’ Compensation among others, all of which mirrored the enhanced mediator’s recommendations for our fellow workers at Millrise Place. We were hopeful their attempts at equality and fairness would continue.

Then on May 11, we returned to bargaining and once again hit a wall.

The employer came to the table offering the same wage increases – 1.5 per cent retroactive to 2017, and one per cent for 2018 and 2019 – which will have you paid 5.5 per cent less than your fellow health care aides and licenced practical nurses at Millrise Place by 2019.

The employer also proposed lower professional fee reimbursements and medication administration pay than Millrise, and no LPN In-Charge pay, which Millrise workers fought hard to secure.

Retirement Concepts claims these monetary inequalities between sites is justified because Millrise Place offers long-term care services in addition to supportive living services. Front line staff like you know that all seniors care services, and the workers who deliver them, play a vital role in seniors’ lives. Seniors’ needs are diverse, and it takes a team to help meet them.

Retirement Concepts does not respect this, but your firsthand knowledge of the valuable work you and your coworkers do is more powerful than their ignorance.

On June 15 and 16, we will meet with the employer again and keep you updated on any changes in bargaining.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your bargaining team.

Tammy Holcomb, 403- 474- 7260 or
Carol Haller, 403- 568- 4994 or
Balvinder K. Gill,
Gurmeet Mann

John Wevers Negotiator, 780-238-4767 or
Michelle Szalynski, Organizer, 403-634-8262 or
Celia Shea, Communications, 780-720-8122 or