Bargaining continues after yearlong pause

Your bargaining team met with the employer again on June 27 and 28 after a yearlong wait. In that time, we continued to negotiate our Essential Services Agreement (ESA), which is almost completed.

The tone at the table improved since the last time we met. We had several in-depth conversations about the issues that affect you most and signed off on seven articles that will prioritize your wellbeing and improve labour relations with the employer going forward.

The articles we signed off include:
Respectful Workplace
No Strikes or Lockouts
Job Performance
Discipline, Suspension and Discharge
Employer – Union Relations

We also secured a better grievance procedure that prioritizes timelines for investigations and resolutions while also ensuring the employer cannot automatically toss out grievances if a timeline is missed, as the current language allows.

The new article holds both parties responsible for justifying why a timeline in the grievance procedure isn’t followed. If this happens, our union has six months after the justification is provided to move a grievance forward before it’s considered withdrawn. If however, it’s because of the employer that the grievance isn’t pushed forward in six months, the case will go to arbitration.

You will also have improved employee health and safety provisions moving forward. We’re pleased to see the employer taking responsibility for your wellness, especially as you work in an industry where workplace violence is all too common.

Thank you for your patience over this last year. Thanks to your continued support and solidarity, good headway was made on our collective agreement. We will continue bargaining on Oct. 17 and 18.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Ashley Burt 780.222.1152
Evelina Falsetti 780.271.7611
Karina Acorda 780.909.1000

Jason Rattray, Negotiator
Dave Malka, Organizer
Celia Shea, Communications or 780-720-8122