Surveys results are in

Your bargaining team asked you what you need from us to keep our worksite mobilized and engaged. Your responses are in, and your voice has been heard.

In the survey, we asked you:

  • To provide feedback on how we need to be prepared.
  • What can your union do for you?
  • How can we better support you?
  • What would you like to see from your union?

It’s clear from your responses that you want to know what’s happening at the table, and you want clear lines of communication with your bargaining team.

Our job is to keep you up to date. A year and a half ago, we started bargaining with Chantelle Management. Thanks to your perseverance, you refused to settle for the subpar offers they made. Over the course of bargaining, you pushed them to raise their proposals, which are closer to what you deserve but still don’t reflect your value.

Alberta’s labour code has also changed since we started bargaining. An Essential Services Agreement (ESA) must be negotiated before we can take any new steps, such as mediation.

We started discussing the ESA with the employer last week. As these meetings progress, we will keep you updated. Once we have signed an ESA, we can apply for mediation, which will help speed up the bargaining process.

In mediation, every outstanding item is more likely to be given the time, attention and open discussion it deserves. The mediator will also apply a stricter timeline to our meetings with the employer.

We know you’re frustrated with the pace of bargaining, but don’t become discouraged; your frustration has helped us get here, where we can start planning to put more pressure on the employer.

Stay passionate about your working conditions, so Chantelle Management knows we won’t accept any less than what we are worth.

If you have any question, please contact your bargaining team.


Mrs. Shelley Todd – 780- 385- 8288 or
Terrie Carudo – 403- 596- 2625 or
Edith Pasco – 403-872-8522 or

John Wevers, Negotiator – 780-238-4767 or
Michelle Szalynski, Organizer – 403-634-8262 or
Celia Shea, Communications – 780-720-8122 or