Bargaining continues

On May 25 and 26, your bargaining team met with the employer to continue discussing your collective agreement. Bargaining this round was challenging, as many of the employer’s positions don’t respect you as an equal voice in the collective agreement.

Our job is to care for residents. Management’s job is to oversee operations of St. Michael’s. Unlike our superiors, our work puts us in a vulnerable position. The purpose of the collective agreement is to address these vulnerabilities in a way that management can continue to do their job without stepping on our wellbeing.

The employer, however, seems to think the contract is an opportunity to negotiate language beyond the rights they already have as operators. They not only dismissed most of our standard proposals regarding union rights, but also want to make you responsible for disclosing when you’ve worked overtime (meaning if you don’t, you’ll get paid straight time).

We also addressed the employer’s overuse of casual employees. Right now, work hours that would equate to a full-time position are being distributed among multiple casuals. This is another way the employer is making your employment more vulnerable than it has to be. St. Michael’s should be working to provide the compassionate care they claim to. Disempowering the frontline staff delivering this care is not going to help them meet that commitment.

Bargaining is scheduled to continue June 25 and 26. At that time, we’ll continue to discuss the level of medical information appropriate for the employer to request if you’re away ill, and other issues that matter to you.

Thank you for continuing to stand behind each other and your bargaining team. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Monica Siebels
Cyndi Donovan

Irena Jastrzebska
Jannet Smykalski
Aziza Moraiden

Jason Rattray, Negotiator
Farris Sobhani, Organizing or 780-271-0728
Celia Shea, Communications or 780-720-8122