Tentative agreement reached

Your bargaining team is pleased to report we came to a tentative agreement with the Bethany Group on Nov. 15.

Since negotiations started, our conversations at the table have been positive, and we were able to secure language that protects and values you.

The agreement includes improved bullying and discrimination/harassment provisions, which will help ensure all of you can come to work feeling safe and respected.

Although we didn’t get wage increases, we did negotiate a wage reopener for year two:

  • April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019: zero-per-cent wage increase
  • April 1, 2019 – March 30, 2020: wage reopener

Below is a list of monetary improvements we secured, effective on the date of ratification (DOR):

  • Increased benefit contributions to a 75-per-cent-employer-contribution/25-per-cent-employee contribution (from a 50/50 split).
  • Increased Flexible Spending Account to $900.
  • Increased LPN registration fees to $250
  • Increased boot allowance for maintenance to $200 every two years
  • Increased vacation in year two – based on full-time equivalency (FTE)

The Bethany Group also agreed to our request to include Leaves of Absence protected by the Alberta Employment Standards Code in the contract. While all working Albertans have the right to Compassionate Care Leave, Critical Illness of a Child Leave, Domestic Violence Leave and others, having these written in our collective agreement will make them more accessible for everyone on our team.

You all deserve to know your mental and physical health is valued. We’re pleased the employer recognizes this along with their responsibility to keep us informed of modernizations, so we can continue to make the facility a fairer, more compassionate space.

One of the most important protections we retained from our previous agreement was Contracting Out language. We also reduced the lifespan of your discipline records before they’re removed from your personnel files.

One of our priorities going into bargaining was to start a conversation about wage equity, and the employer committed to include this issue in our Employee-Management Advisory Committee (EMAC) discussions. As care workers and advocates for the seniors in our city, you know a community is only strong when everyone is supported and no one is underserved. Our new EMAC language along with the market adjustments for power engineers, which will finally bring their compensation in line with that of other power engineers in Alberta’s health sector, will help us uphold equality at work.

Thank you for standing with each other, and helping your bargaining team secure the rights and protections you deserve.

Cheryl Blumhagen or (780) 672-0952
Sharene Spong or (780) 877-0005
Debra Humeny or (780) 678-2665

Chris Dickson Lead Negotiator,
Merryn Edwards Negotiator,
Farris Sobhani Organizer,
Celia Shea Communications,