Bargaining continues
On March 27 and 28, your bargaining team met with Revera again to continue negotiations. Unfortunately, our meetings moved at the same slow pace as the ones previous.

Out of the 36 proposals we’ve tabled, Revera has only agreed to ten. Each of our positions aims to meet the needs of St. Albert workers, seniors and their families alike. We’re disappointed that the employer has made little movement on them.

Over the two days of bargaining we tabled a comprehensive package, including a full salary schedule for the first time. We proposed:
• 2018: Two-per-cent wage increase – retroactive on all hours paid
• 2019: Two-per-cent wage increase – retroactive on all hours paid
• 2020: Two-per-cent wage increase

The employer countered with the following:
• Date of Certification: Two-per-cent wage increase retroactive for LPNs and HCAs
• 2019: Two-per-cent wage increase (all classifications)
• 2020: One-per-cent wage increase (all classifications)
• 2021: One-per-cent wage increase (all classifications)

Your bargaining team is here to represent all staff as a collective and create a more equal workplace; we won’t accept an offer from the employer that devalues the work of General Support Services staff by excluding them from a fair collective agreement.

All of you play a vital role at River Ridge and in the lives of the retirees who call it home, and you all deserve to be treated fairly. We will continue to make this clear to Revera when we meet again for bargaining on May 29 and 30.

Kim Pearce
Brenda Hennebury
Jessica Eldridge

Mac McNaughton Negotiator
Michelle Szalynski Organizer or 403-634-8262
Celia Shea Communications or 780-720-8122