Bargaining begins

On May 30, your bargaining team met with the employer. We’re pleased to report we made good headway on the collective agreement, signing off on almost all non-monetary items. Some of the gains we achieved include:

Sick Leave (Article 22)
Employer reimbursement (up to $30.00) for requested proof of illness, medical treatment or appointments.

Vacation (Article 24)
We’ll be required to use a minimum of our vacation days in line with Employment Standards vacation entitlement, the year after we accrue them. Any portion of unused vacation exceeding the minimum can be carried over to the next year. We will come to a mutual agreement with the employer on when we take our vacation.

Classifications and Job Descriptions (Article 9)
Upon hire, the employer must give new staff a copy of the class specifications and job description of their position. If these details change, they’re required to give us an updated copy. This will ensure we’re all clear on the work we were hired to do, and allow us to advocate for ourselves if we’re asked to do work outside of these specifications.

Personnel Files (Article 29)
If you’ve been disciplined, record of this discipline will be considered purged after twelve months of service as long as no other discipline was accrued.

Discipline and Discharge (Article 20) and Grievance Procedure (Article 19)
The employer must give us at least 48 hours notice of meetings related to investigations or discipline, so we have time to seek union representation. We also have the right to choose, from those who are qualified, who we want representing us during the grievance and disciplinary process.

These improvements and more are worth celebrating. Many will give us a more equal voice in the workplace, so we can advocate for ourselves better and continue to improve our lives on and off the clock.

While this is a good start, the company didn’t table any monetary offers and suggested they’re not interested in even discussing our monetary positions with us.

Our fellow workers at other Points West Living sites have had difficulties coming to fair agreements with this employer in the past. It’s going to take all of us to show the employer what we’re worth.

If we stand together, we can push for the benefits and compensation you deserve.

If you have any questions or suggestions moving forward, please contact us – we want to hear from you.

Monica Jeffrey
Joseph Anderson
Nobesuthu Mabaleka
Ira Borromeo (Alternate)

Terry Luhoway Negotiator
Jaime Urbina Organizing or 587-599-7557
Celia Shea Communication or 780-720-8122