Thank you to everyone who replied to our bargaining survey. Surveys are important because they help your bargaining team establish clear priorities for negotiations and better understand our members’ needs and expectations.

Members’ key priorities for a collective agreement in order of importance were:

  1. Better wages and improved rates of pay in line with industry standards and cost of living in the community:
    1. Wages based upon service and experience
  2. Workload and staffing concerns
  3. Job security and no contracting out protection
  4. Seniority as a determining factor for filling vacancies:
    1. Seniority as determining factor for distribution of shifts and other applications,
    2. Seniority for determining master rotation and shift schedule changes
  5. Special leave days with pay for family and personal responsibilities, including family illness, critical illness and other family emergencies
  6. Improved health benefits, including employer premium cost share, entitlements, pre-paid reimbursements for dental and other benefits, and adding vision care
  7. Additional steps on the wage grid recognizing service and experience
  8. Improved vision care
  9. Improved in-service, training and employee development
  10. Bereavement leave improvements

Other priorities and concerns include:

  • Improved rotations and better hours of work
  • Improved compensation including shift differentials and weekend premiums
  • Staff recognition during high demand periods of the year like Christmas
  • Retirement savings and pension plan opportunities
  • Need to be heard and appreciated
  • Occupational health and safety concerns including security at night, better lighting in the parking lot and other areas, and overall improved safety

Our first contract will set guidelines on these issues and establish the terms and conditions of employment. That’s why words matter!

Negotiating first contacts require care and attention, and your bargaining team thanks you for your patience. We are committed to keeping you informed, and we welcome any feedback you might have.

Our success in bargaining will depend on our ability to show strength and solidarity. Together we can defeat any attempts by the employer to undermine our priorities.

Remember that we also have the support of more than 90,000 AUPE brothers and sisters across Alberta!

It is also important to remember you are entitled to union representation even before we have a contract. If the employer asks to meet with you and you want a union representative present, let your employer know before or during the meeting.

AUPE can also assist with a wide range of employment matters, such as workers’ compensation or safety concerns. If you have any questions or require representation, please call your AUPE Membership Services Officer (MSO) at 1-800- 232-7284.



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