Bargaining Continues

Your bargaining team continued negotiations with the employer on April 8, 9, and 10.

We came to agreement on three issues:
• Your travel allowance;
• In-service;
• Language in the agreement preamble.

We also agreed to get to work on non-monetary proposals first. Most of our non-monetary priorities fit into these two categories:
• Your rights at work;
• Improving labour relations, including how we do dispute resolutions.

Your bargaining team has bargained in good faith, but the employer does not seem willing to meaningfully address the issues that matter to you. Their motivation is to cut their own costs by casualizing your workplace.

More casual work means fewer full-time positions, weaker job security and no stability, making it harder for you balance your work and family time.

Even worse, the employer wants to cut out the benefits casual employees already have. They want to make more workers casual, and then take away casual workers’ benefits. That’s just not fair.

The employer says this is all to save money, but Extendicare shareholders just got $27 million in dividends. They are an extremely profitable company but want to make your life harder just to make an extra buck.

Your bargaining team is dedicated to pursuing a collective agreement that treats all of us with the dignity, equity, and fairness we deserve. The employer needs to respect our needs and the needs of the residents we care for.

Next Meetings

The next round of bargaining meetings is scheduled for April 23, 24, and 25.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your bargaining committee or AUPE resource staff with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

Please update your contact information so you don’t miss out on important bargaining updates by visiting:


Katie Seaward (Athabasca) or 780-676-0884
Kathy Findlater (Cedars Villa) 403-606-5044© or 403-271-8740 (h)
Natasha Ng (Eaux Claires) or 780-938-1404
Theresa Lawrence (Fairmont) or 403-308-3345
John McCrea (Hillcrest) or 587-229-0470
Judith Cseresnyes (Holyrood) or 780-945-7647
Elaine Yacey (Mayerthorpe) 780-779-7526 or 780-268-9600
Mike Peterson (Michener Hill) or 587-877-6587


Jason Rattray Negotiator

Trevor Zimmerman Organizer or 1-800-232-7284

Jaime Urbina Organizer or 1-800-232-7284

Tyler Bedford Communications or 1-800-232-7284