Your bargaining team has now concluded four full days of bargaining, and we have made significant progress toward a new collective agreement. Although progress on monetary positions (such as wage increases) will come later, we engaged in meaningful discussion with the employer and were able to sign off on numerous positive changes.

To date, your bargaining team has agreed to sign off on the following improvements:

Article Description
9 Travel Alberta Employee Relations – new employees will be provided a Union orientation.
10 Health and Safety – all new employees will be provided with an OH&S information session and the employer will establish working alone procedures consistent with OH&S Legislation.
20 Disciplinary Action – employees will now be able to purge discipline from their files after 24 months and will have better access to Union Representation for potential discipline.
21 Grievance Procedure – has been restructured to include Individual, Group & Policy grievances and a new requirement to provide full disclosure of fact at each step of the grievance process. We have also included a new informal resolution step and language consistent with the new Bill 17.
23 General Illness – include new language about the voluntary Travel Alberta Absence and Wellness Management program administered by Sunlife.
24 Proof of Illness – new language to clarify what a proper medical note should include. A note required for general illness will now be fully reimbursed and there is protection regarding the sharing of medical information with a third party.
37 New Terminal Care Leave – Language added to the Agreement to provide for Terminal Care Leave to assist qualified relatives in the end stage of life.
42 Harassment and Discrimination – a significantly more robust Article detailing Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Violence and processes to deal with these issues.

We have also agreed to sign off on the following current articles, with housekeeping changes for gender neutrality or with positive changes for employee rights, including:

  • 1 Definitions
  • 2 Terms of Employment
  • 3 Application
  • 4 Management Recognition
  • 5 Union Recognition
  • 6 Legislation and the Collective Agreement
  • 7 Union Membership and Dues Check-Off
  • 8 Travel Alberta – Union Relations
  • 9 Travel Alberta – Employee Relations
  • 10 Health, Safety and Wellness
  • 11 Time Off for Union Business
  • 12 Workforce Reduction
  • 13 Attendance
  • 15 Hours of Work
  • 17 Workers’ Compensation Supplement
  • 18 Travel and Relocation Expenses
  • 19 Probationary Team Member and Period
  • 20 Disciplinary Action
  • 21 Grievance Procedure
  • 23 General Illness
  • 24 Proof of Illness
  • 26 Health, Dental and Insurance Benefit Plan
  • 27 Paid Holidays
  • 30 Military Leave
  • 31 Adoption/Parental Leave
  • 32 Maternity Leave
  • 33 Court Leave
  • 34 Employment Insurance Premium Reduction
  • 35 Parking
  • 37 Leave Without Pay
  • 38 Providing Collective Agreements
  • 39 Travel Alberta – Union Relations Committee
  • 40 Pension Plan
  • 42 Harassment and Discrimination
  • 44 Christmas Closure

Bargaining is scheduled to continue on Aug. 21 and 22 and Sept. 28 and 29 at which time we will address the outstanding monetary items.

Your bargaining team understands the importance of keeping you engaged during the negotiation process, and we thank you for your continued support and patience over the summer.

If you have questions about these changes to your collective agreement or any other comments or concerns about the negotiation process, please do not hesitate to contact your bargaining team representatives.

Leanne Howard
Jessica Bell
Hafeez Jessa

Dale Perry (Negotiator)