Your bargaining committee wishes to inform you that Portage College AUPE members voted by a wide margin to reject the employer’s last tabled offer proposal.

You and your fellow members delivered a clear and compelling message to your employer with the results of this vote. And, importantly, it shows the employer that you remain strong and united during this bargaining process.

The parties will meet for collective bargaining table on Nov. 22, 23, 29 and 30th.

Your bargaining committee will prepare for these meeting by writing proposals and developing bargaining and member engagement strategies. Your current collective agreement expired in June 2016 and your committee wants to know what’s important to you now.

A survey is now available for you to complete and will help your committee determine your priorities for bargaining.

Surveys are very important because they provide guidance, assist in planning and establish clear and compelling priorities. Please take the time to complete the online survey.

You can access to the survey by visiting The deadline for completing the survey is November 15, 2017.

Your bargaining committee maintains its position that Portage College is capable of meeting our proposal to increase the salary grid schedules by two per cent. The current provincial government funding arrangements, increased enrolment projections and the College’s financial position allow for Portage College to meet this demand.

Previous bargaining updates have outlined other similar on-the-grid wage increases at Alberta colleges. Please refer to them for further details.

It is likely that your upcoming round of collective bargaining will receive some scrutiny within the college community. We also believe that colleges are seeing pressure from the government to curtail costs. With the tone being set at the top, employers could come to the table trying to save themselves money at your expense. But you and your fellow workers know your value and the important role you play delivering services to Alberta students.

In the coming weeks and months, your bargaining committee members will be providing regular bargaining updates and our strategy to achieve a fair and reasonable collective agreement, along with our communications and public awareness plan.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact a member of your bargaining committee. Remember, it’s your collective agreement. Help your bargaining committee make it better.


Nancy Litzenberger
Darlene Uganecz
Bruce Snook


John Wevers, Negotiator
780-238-4767 or

Farris Sobhani, Organizer
780-271-0728 or

Mariam Ibrahim, Communications