As past updates discussed, recent changes to Alberta’s Labour Code mean supportive living bargaining units like Millrise must have an essential services agreement in place before proceeding to mediation, strike or lockout. (For more information, visit

AUPE is prepared to immediately engage in good faith negotiations for an essential services agreement to protect the rights of our members and the quality of care for residents in the event of a labour dispute.

We have requested the following information from the employer: what they foresee as essential; their perspective on classifications and the number of positions required to perform essential services; their preferred method for assigning employees to perform essential services; their preferred procedure to respond to emergencies and foreseeable changes; their anticipation of changes.

AUPE also requested more detailed information to assess essential services staffing needs, including: job functions and duties provided by employees or position by assignment, ward, unit or program; scheduling and shift patterns; numbers of volunteers; description of contracted services; numbers of managers, out-of-scope and exempt employees and qualifications; staffing patterns for named holidays and extended weekends or similar; general leave replacement rates; numbers of staffed beds in operation by unit, ward or designation; average annual admission and discharge rates by unit or ward.


Bargaining continues while the parallel process of negotiating an essential services agreement proceeds.

At the latest mediation meeting on May 26, AUPE tabled a proposal by email. We did not hear back until Sept. 8, when a new Human Resources Director, Nazma Sayani, requested AUPE resend our last tabled proposals.

Mediation has been delayed until October because the employer spokesperson did not have any other times available. The employer also informed AUPE that a new chief negotiator, Iqbal Ali, will be attending the Oct. 16 and 17 mediation dates. Ali will replace Doug Heale at future negotiations.


Negotiating a first collective agreement takes time and attention. We appreciate and thank you for your patience and perseverance.

Member mobilization helps maintain momentum during negotiations. You can help by engaging members and energizing your workplace.

Also remember you are legally entitled to union representation. If your employer asks to meet with you and you feel you require union representation, make that request before or during the meeting. If you have any questions, concerns or require representation, please do not hesitate to call your AUPE Membership Services Officer at 1-800-232-7284.

Together, we can bargain a fair contract, but we need your help and solidarity. It is critical that you support your bargaining committee!

Please contact any member of your bargaining committee with your questions, suggestions, ideas or comments.


Lourdes Rosales 403-383-2827 (cell) or
Yvette Labuson 403-470-5343 (cell), 403-441-6765 (home) or
Haide Orejudos


John Wevers, Negotiator
780-238-4767 or

Michelle Szalynski, Organizer
403-634-8262 or

Angela Regnier, Membership Services Officer
1-800-232-7284 or