On Aug. 31, the employer confirmed that they have received notification of their Alberta Health Services funding increase for 2015/16, but they have yet to agree to dates for mediation to present a revised proposal. (Please see reverse for details of the employer’s recent inconsistent and delaying communications.)

The employer’s bargaining update dated Aug. 18 continues their current practice of conveying misleading and inaccurate information. The employer also continues to see AUPE as a separate entity from you, the employees of Clifton Manor represented by AUPE.

A union is made up of its members, and nothing happens at any level of the union without the involvement of the members. We have consulted with you, surveyed your ideas, and asked you to sign petitions. Your direction and priorities for bargaining have been very clear.

We have discussed the bargaining in bad faith complaints, bargaining proposals, financial information and independent accountant’s findings, and the AHS “me too” proposal at length in previous bargaining updates, and our position on those issues remains the same. It is not the union that has left the bargaining table and has caused this round of bargaining to drag on – it is the employer.

Here is a summary of the state of bargaining at this moment.

  • Your bargaining team’s proposal of May 25 remains on the table.
  • The Brenda Strafford Foundation has rejected this offer and refused to counter-offer.
  • Your bargaining team contacted the mediator on July 11 and Aug. 2 to ask about returning to the table.
  • The Brenda Strafford Foundation refused on both occasions to continue mediated bargaining unless your bargaining team accepted their last offer.

Your bargaining committee is willing to continue negotiations towards a fair and equitable collective agreement. We have asked the employer to counter-offer. We have asked the employer to return to mediation. We have asked the employer to provide enough financial details that we can formulate an offer that will be fair to both parties. In all cases, the employer has refused.

Now that the employer has received their 2016/17 funding information from Alberta Health Services, we hope that they will share it with the mediator and with us, and we can return to mediation in an effort to conclude this round of bargaining with an agreement that is fair and equitable to both parties. This requires movement and negotiation from both sides, not just the union.

Your bargaining committee remains committed to keeping you informed throughout the bargaining process. If you have any questions, please contact any member of the bargaining committee.


Jeanine Keith
Ira Ross
Doriene Stewart

John Wevers (Negotiator)
780-238-4767 (call/text)

Jaime Urbina (Organizer)
403-506-8893 (call/text)

Your bargaining committee is calling on the Brenda Strafford Foundation to come to the negotiating table, disclose the details of their Alberta Health Services funding and make a counter offer so that we can continue bargaining. However, the employer’s stalling and inconsistent communication is dragging out the bargaining process. Below is an example of recent communications between AUPE and the employer.

On Aug. 31, the employer emailed AUPE and stated the following:

In order to show our continued commitment to reaching an agreement between Clifton Manor and our employees represented by the AUPE, please find attached an updated proposal from Clifton Manor based on the funding advice which was recently received. This proposal reflects much of what was last discussed in our meeting of May 26, 2016; we have included the 1.5% increase that was provided through the funding, and was committed by Clifton Manor to be passed on to the employees. As well, we are requesting a three (3) year term to March 31, 2018, and will commit to passing on whatever funding increase is provided for 2017/2018. Mr. Steve Morrison has been contacted with regards to our presenting this proposal to you, we have also copied him on this correspondence. We anticipate that he will be in contact with you regarding next steps.

On Sept. 2 AUPE advised the employer

I spoke with Steve Morrison yesterday. We expect a mediation meeting whereby the Employer will present your offer in person to our bargaining committee members. I will advise early next week the available dates.

On Sept. 5 AUPE offered to meet on Saturday, October 1.

On Sept. 6 the employer confirmed the following:

Hi, confirming that we will meet Saturday, October 1. We are not certain that Mr. Morrison’s service as a mediator will be required, as we will be speaking to the proposal that we recently sent forward.

Later on Sept. 6 the employer changed their mind.

Mr. Wevers, is there any potential for an earlier date that is not a Saturday or Sunday?

On Sept. 7 AUPE replied by email:

It is our position the Employer will present the offer in person to the Clifton Manor bargaining committee. The offer will be tabled by the Employer at a direct joint mediation meeting with the appointed mediator.

We need to understand your offer, ask questions, make comments, inquire about more information if necessary and evaluate the compelling reasons to consider your offer.

So for example, please provide all documentation confirming your funding comments asap. Please provide an exact copy of all documents unredacted before we meet so we can be prepared for the mediation meeting.

We may want to make a counter offer.

And we believe the services of the mediator are required.

So you accepted the date and then subsequently requested a change when you realized the agreed date is a Saturday. And now you additionally request a week day meeting and another sooner date.

My available weekday dates are:
October 17, 28, 31
November 1, 2, 3, 4

We have not heard from the employer.