Bargaining Scheduled to Continue in March

For almost five months, your bargaining team and the employer have been in a stalemate. However, we’re pleased to report in December, Retirement Concept’s spokesperson told us the employer was interested in returning to the table to continue negotiations.

We’ve scheduled bargaining meetings for March 11 and 12 and stand firm on the expectation that our members are valued the same as our coworkers at Millrise Place, another Retirement Concept’s site, and receive compensation in line with theirs.

We hope the employer is prepared to take this proposal seriously. All seniors’ health care workers play a crucial role in delivering quality care. We work together, so we can give residents the support they deserve, just as we work together to create a culture of equality in the workplace.

To recap, this is how the employer’s last set of monetary proposals for your collective agreement compare to the ones they agreed to give Millrise Place AUPE members:

  • By 2019 our HCA and LPN members will be paid up to 5.5-per-cent less than the same classifications at Millrise over the same period of time.
HCA wage rates
July 1 2019$19.98$22.85
April 1 2019$19.20$21.74
LPN wage rates
July 1 2019$28.09$34.37
April 1 2019$26.53$33.20
July 1, 2019$15.46$16.34
April 1 2019$15.15$15.46
July 1, 2019$15.69$17.66
April 1, 2019$15.15$16.97

Weekend premium
Millrise: $2.25/ hr from 1500 Friday for 64 hours thereafter
Monterey: $1.75/ hr from 0700 Saturday to 0700 Monday

Professional fee reimbursement
Millrise: $200
Monterey: $150

In Charge pay
Monterey $1.00/ hour
Millrise $1.50/hour

Medication Administration pay
Monterey: $1.00/ hour
Millrise : $1.50/hour

Millrise also secured an employer-contributed RRSP.

As we prepare for bargaining in March, we are also waiting for the employer to respond to our request to begin negotiations for your Essential Services Agreement, which we will need to take any other steps in bargaining, such as mediation.

We will keep you up to date on any progress or changes at the table. Thank you for your perseverance and continued support.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of us –we’re here to support you and keep you informed.


Tammy Holcomb 403-474-7260 or
Carol Haller 403-568-4994 or
Balvinder K Gill


John Wevers, Negotiator
780-238-4767 or

Michelle Szalynski, Organizer
403-634-8262 or

Celia Shea, Communications
780-720-8122 or