Voting for your tentative agreement Jan.23

Your bargaining team is pleased to report we came to a tentative agreement with the employer on Jan. 8.

Thank you for standing behind us and helping push for the workplace improvements you know you need to continue supporting each other and the public.

While the wages we secured reflect the Government of Alberta’s current agreement (no increases in 2018 with a wage reopener in 2019), the tentative agreement does include protections that will help you create a better work-life balance, and protect your mental and physical health as well as your jobs.

If the agreement is ratified, it will revise our current Respectful Workplace article to include clear definitions of harassment, timelines to complete investigations and a provision providing for a grievance procedure in cases of harassment.

Other new provisions include:

  • Compensation for compulsory CLiC training done outside normal work hours.
  • A workload appeal process.
  • Improved health benefits.
  • A reduced timeframe to respond to the employer for pre-booking shifts (three hours).
  • Increased vacation days to carry over (more than five with employer approval).
  • Increased sick days for full time employees – 15 days/year effective date of ratification (DOR) and 18 days/year effective 2020.
  • Improved language for the Joint Worksite Health and Safety article that makes the roles of the committee and the employer clearer.

Other features of the tentative agreement will improve working conditions for Part-Time and Casual employees, better reflecting their worth. Some protections include:

  • Clearer language regarding overtime compensation for Part-Time employees who pick up additional hour of work.
  • Five-per-cent pay in lieu of named holidays for Part-Times and Casuals.
  • Pay at 1.5 times the Part-Time or Casual employee’s salary for working on a named holiday.

We also secured no contracting out language. The specific knowledge you bring as an individual to your roles is indispensable and makes you the backbone of Alberta’s healthcare system. We’re pleased to see the employer recognize this with strong job security language that will limit their power to outsource your work simply to save the company money.

We will vote for the tentative agreement:
Wednesday, Jan. 23
7:00 am – 3:30 pm
St. Therese Villa

We cannot get our collective agreement without voting for it. Encourage each other to come vote in this time frame.

Your voice counts and your coworkers’ voices count.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Nancy Seymour or (403) 360-4478
Sherry Galbraith or (403) 329-8068
Amber Daub or (403) 795-2748

Cindi DeJager (ALT) (403) 381-7786

Dale Perry, Negotiator
Dave Malka, Organizer
Celia Shea, Communications