Your bargaining committee and the employer’s representatives began third-party mediation on Monday, Jan. 19. Two days of meetings were originally scheduled, but it was adjourned on the first day when it became clear that we would be unable to reach an agreement.

Discussions will be held with the mediator in the second week of February to determine the next steps in the process. Our options are to resume the mediation process or to proceed to binding arbitration.

We will advise you of the next course of action as soon as it’s determined, but the meantime rest assured that your committee will continue to work diligently to secure a fair, reasonable collective agreement for all Local 020 members.

Again, we caution all members to be wary of gossip and rumours about bargaining. The best way to ensure you are getting accurate, reliable information is through these updates, checking, or contacting your bargaining committee members directly.

Thank you for your continued support, solidarity and patience.

Local 020 bargaining committee:
Val Boettger – Committee Member
Marie Griffith – Committee Chair
Joanne Kilpatrick – Committee Member
Cheryll Simoni – Committee Member

Berend Wilting – AUPE Member Service Officer
Lloyd C Glibbery – AUPE Union Rep (Negotiations)