Your Government Service Bargaining Team has now concluded six full days of bargaining. We have continued to make progress with the replacement of the current collective agreement. The parties are engaged in meaningful discussion on numerous items that make up the agreement and have been able to agree on some positive changes.

To date, the bargaining team has been able to agree to sign off on the following Articles, Letter of Understanding (LOU), Supplements, Addendums and Letters of Intent:

2 Terms of Employment
5 Management Recognition
6 Union Recognition
9 Employer – Union Relations
13 Attendance
20 Reporting Pay
22 Northern Allowance Pay
24 Forest Fire Operations, Flood Control and Pollution Control
27 Probationary Employee and Period
30 Institutional Fire Prevention and Control
36 Paid Holidays
36A Christmas Closure
37 Annual Vacation Leave
39 Military Leave
41 Court Leave
42 Employment Insurance Premium Reduction
49 Employee Benefits Committee
Supplement I Institution Fire Prevention and Control Fire Fighters – Schedule of Remuneration
Supplement II Modified or Flexible Hours of Work
Addendum I
LOU #1 Terms of Reference Article 49 – Employee Benefits Committee
LOU #8 Paid Up Life Insurance
LOU #9 Legal Fees
LOU #10 Legal Indemnification
LOU #12 Northern Leave
LOU #13 Attraction Bonus
LOU #14 55th to 57th Parallel Retention Allowance
LOU #15 Common Interest Forum
Letter of Intent #1 Employee Relations Committees

All of the above have been signed off with their current language or with minor housekeeping changes around gender neutrality.

We were also able to agree to the following improvements:

Article 10 Employer – Employee Relations – The Union will now have an opportunity (30 minutes paid time) to provide a Union orientation to new employees.

Article 28 Disciplinary Action – Employees will now be able to purge discipline from their files after 24 months and will have better access to Union representation for potential discipline.

New Terminal Care Leave – Language added to the agreement to provide for Terminal Care Leave to assist qualified relatives in the end stage of life.

Bargaining will continue on May 9-11 and May 24-25. We will provide you with additional information regarding any progress following those dates.

For more information, or if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact a member of your bargaining committee. Thank you for your continued support.

Your committee is:

Local 001 – Faye Rever
Local 002 – Emille Currie
Local 003 – Mike Larson
Local 004 – Ken Weir
Local 005 – Randy Ramsden
Local 006 – Donna Smith
Local 009 – Darrol Mason
Local 012 – Terrie Wispinski