Bargaining continues

On Oct. 31, and Nov. 1 and 2, your bargaining team met with the employer to continue negotiations. While we made good progress in some areas of the agreement, we hit roadblocks with others.

To recap, on Oct. 24 and 25, we agreed to multiple articles, including:

  • Union/Employer Relations: the employer accepted new Union/Employer Relations language that we proposed, which holds both parties responsible for exercising our respective rights “in good faith and in a fair and reasonable manner.”
  • Job Classification
  • Transportation Allowance
  • Shift Differential
  • Retroactivity

Continuing our conversations from those meetings, we signed off on more proposals between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2, including Union Recognition.

Unfortunately, the employer continued to withhold important information we’ve asked to see, such as their Audited financial statements and administrative policies.

However, we were able to review the “Whistleblower Policy,” the wording of which could leave you at risk as someone only needs to claim, not prove, you did something wrong — such as breach the law, professional ethics or a workplace policy — for the Good Samaritan Society to hold you accountable and discipline you. No workplace policy should give an employer this kind of unchecked power.

What’s next?

Moving forward, your bargaining team will keep pushing to review the employer’s documents; they affect you most, so you should know about them and have the opportunity to challenge unfair policies.

At our next meetings, we also hope to discuss the dispute resolution proposals we tabled.

One of these proposals would create an early resolution process, so we can avoid the grievance process where possible, and give you a chance to solve work-related issues through open dialogue and mutual understanding with the employer.

The other proposal is an early resolution clause for the grievance process article, which will encourage timely resolutions of grievances.

Thank you for the support you’ve shown us throughout bargaining. The progress we’ve made so far is a reflection of your dedication to your jobs and your coworkers, and the challenges we’ve faced will only strengthen our resolve to honour these commitments.


Betty Wiebe
Debbie Caplette
Diana Bigelow
Tahera Khalfan
Danalee McQuitty
Toni Zatorski

Jason Rattray Negotiator
Michelle Szalynski Organizer or 403-634-8262
Celia Shea Communications or 780-720-8122