Bargaining Continues

On February 12 and 13, we continued bargaining and won’t be meeting again until June 13 and 14.

Over the two days we signed off on the Overtime article and continued our discussion about Management Rights; Union Rights, Security and Dues; as well as Workplace Privacy.

Unfortunately, the employer is not moving on their Management Rights language, which doesn’t respect you as an equal voice in the agreement. We’ve told the employer this in past meetings and stand by our initial proposal – language found in many collective agreements across the country.

As we’ve said before, the purpose of a collective agreement is to help create a more equal workplace; you can’t do this with contract language that goes beyond legitimate management rights, as the current Management Rights article does.

In June we will continue to push for your voices to be heard at the table.

Betty Wiebe
Debbie Caplette
Diana Bigelow
Tahera Khalfan
Danalee McQuitty
Toni Zatorski

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