February 7, 2018

Green Acres

Sunny South – ALL STAFF
Piyami Lodge – ALL STAFF
Alberta Rose – SUPPORT STAFF

Local: 048
Chapters: 027, 029, 030


Your bargaining committees have reached tentative agreements with the employer for Sunny South, Piyami Lodge and Alberta Rose.

On Thursday, Feb. 15, information sessions will be held for Sunny South Lodge members on the worksite from noon to 8:00 pm.

On Friday, Feb. 16, sessions will be held for Alberta Rose Lodge and Piyami Lodge members at their respective worksites from 8:00 am to noon. Exact room locations will be announced shortly.

We encourage everyone to attend. Your voices are valuable and this is a great opportunity to meet with your bargaining committee and AUPE resource staff to ask any questions you may have.

You can also preview the entire agreement at in advance.

The ratification vote will take place at all three worksites (Sunny South Lodge, Alberta Rose Lodge and Piyami Lodge) on Friday, Feb. 16 from noon to 4pm.

Tentative Agreement Highlights
All three agreements are very similar with some exceptions for both Alberta Rose, where articles specific to nursing care do not apply, and Sunny South.

Expiring Dec. 31, 2021 (starting on date of ratification), year one of the contracts brings in a double time rate for overtime and a wage increase of 1.5 per cent. Increases of 1.5 per cent take effect in years two and three, and 2 per cent in year four. Annual increases of $0.25 to the evening, night and weekend shift differentials take effect in years two, three and four.

The agreements clarify shift-scheduling processes. Members are also able to give away 2 shifts/pay period at Piyami and Alberta Rose and 1 shift/pay period at Sunny South. Vacation will be more flexible now, with the ability to book off less than one week at a time, including individual days, while maintaining the ability to book three consecutive weeks off. Alberta Rose and Piyami also gain an additional day of Family Illness Leave (total 3/year).

The employer is also required to initiate discipline within 21 days from when they became aware of the problem (or reasonably should have been aware). Discipline can now be purged from employee records at Alberta Rose and Piyami after 24 months upon written request.

Improvements specific to LPNs include charge pay of $1.00/hr on weekends, professional fee reimbursement of $150 in year one, rising to $200 in year two.

Other improvements include $20 reimbursement for medical notes at Alberta Rose and Piyami as well as trial period and underpayment language for all three sites.

Employer concerns over the higher rate of sick leave absenteeism and errors at Sunny South led to some differences in that contract, including no reimbursement for medical notes, no automatic “sunset clause” on discipline, and one (instead of two) shift giveaways per pay period. However, a Letter of Understanding provides the opportunity to obtain reimbursement for medical notes if annual sick leave absenteeism is reduced to the levels at the other Green Acres worksites, and employees will receive an increase in shift giveaways to two/pay period in the second year.

Green Acres – Sunny South Bargaining Team Members:
Debbie Warkentin
Beverly Calvin
Isabbela Holberton – Alternate

Green Acres – Piyami Lodge Bargaining Team Members:
Jennifer Dussome
Sandy Fazekas

Green Acres – Alberta Rose Bargaining Team Members:
Kalsey Korthuis
Vicki Logan
Sonia Mendoza – Alternate

AUPE Resource Staff:
Terry Luhoway Negotiator

Darren Gangur, Membership Services Officer

Merryn Edwards, AUPE Communications