Bargaining begins

On Jan. 10, your bargaining team met with the employer to exchange initial proposals for our next collective agreement. Unfortunately, the employer tabled only rollbacks and other regressive provisions.

Your committee was clear about our priorities from the start of the meeting: Strong Job Security language, protections to prevent the employer from increasingly relying on casual positions, and improvements to safety, workloads, benefits and wages.

The important work you do requires attention, time and energy; you must have the resources you need to continue caring for residents while caring for yourselves.

Unfortunately, Extendicare Inc. does not seem to be concerned about your ability to do either and tabled, among others, the below regressive and disrespectful proposals:

  • Deleting the Contracting Out Letter of Understanding (LOU)
  • Extending the probationary period from 487.5 hours to 975 hours
  • Extending the time discipline records remain on your personnel files

All of these provisions speak to the employer’s larger plan to divest from positions that reflect the actual worth of seniors-care workers like you, and instead put minimal resources into a more casual workforce.

This became evident when Extendicare proposed to remove seniority rights, so they could redistribute hours from regular part-time employees to casual employees, who will still only get just enough hours to keep them working for low compensation and no job security.

Extendicare can afford to promote more regular full-time and part-time work, just as they can afford to create a safer and more dignified workplace for you. In 2017 alone, their CEO made just under $4-million, while they paid out $37-million in dividends to shareholders. They have no excuse for underserving you and residents.

If you have any questions, please contact your committee – we’re here to support and represent you at the table.

Katie Seaward (Athabasca) or 780-676-0884
Kathy Findlater (Cedars Villa) 403-606-5044© or 403-271-8740 (h)
Natasha Ng (Eaux Claires) or 780-938-1404
Theresa Lawrence (Fairmont) or 403-308-3345
John McCrea (Hillcrest) or 587-229-0470
Judith Cseresnyes (Holyrood) or 780-945-7647
Elaine Yacey (Mayerthorpe) 780-779-7526 or 780-268-9600
Mike Peterson (Michener Hill) or 587-877-6587

Jason Rattray Negotiator
Tyler Bedford Communications or 1-800-232-7284
Trevor Zimmerman Organizer or 1-800-232-7284
Jaime Urbina Organizer or 1-800-232