Bargaining reaches frustrating point, union accelerating Essential Services Agreement process

Your bargaining committees would like to inform you that as a result of ongoing frustrations with Covenant Health over its positions in bargaining, our union provided the employer with written notice to formalize and accelerate the process of reaching an Essential Services Agreement (ESA).

An ESA governs the terms of a strike or lockout in the event one should occur if negotiations with the employer reach an impasse.

Right now the two sides are stuck on language that would provide employment security. Covenant Health refuses to offer members employment security language comparable to language offered to Alberta Health Services AUPE and UNA members, who do similar work as you.

Your committees find this approach unacceptable. We will now explore next steps in our effort to get you a collective agreement that treats you as equals in health care and we strongly encourage all members show strength and solidarity by staying informed and attending union bargaining update meetings.

The employer’s behavior is consistent with the decline in its tone and constructive conversation with your committees. We continue to be met with resistance in areas where previously, there was cooperation.

We thank you for your ongoing patience. Your committees are dedicated to reaching an agreement with the employer that reflects the worth of your contributions to the province’s health-care system and the important work you do every day ensuring Albertans receive the best quality care possible.
We will continue to hold the employer accountable to the mission, vision and values that Covenant Health strives to uphold, which it is currently not living up to. A big part of that must be ensuring its workers are treated with value and respect.

We are committed to keeping you informed throughout the entire bargaining process.
Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your bargaining team with any questions or comments you have.

*Covenant Health Nursing Care bargaining team members: *
Bev Hill
Kathy Bandmann
Mary Watson
Helen Cyrus

AUPE staff:
Mac McNaughton Negotiator or 780-930-3352
Dave Malka Organizer or 780-231-1800
Tyler Bedford Communications or 780-930-3406

Covenant Health General Support Services bargaining team members:
Judy Prokopchuk
Lorie Christenson
Rochelle Rooney

AUPE staff:
Chris Dickson Negotiator,
Merryn Edwards Negotiator ,
Dave Malka Organizer,
Tyler Bedford Communications,