First collective agreement awarded, bargaining continues and notice to begin bargaining served


First Collective Agreement Reached

Your bargaining team is pleased to report we achieved our first collective agreement. The strong show of solidarity you displayed at our rally in October played a large part in helping us secure this agreement.

On Oct. 28, we met with the employer and a third-party arbitrator. We agreed going into arbitration that there was only one issue in dispute: the 1.5-per-cent wage increase for 2017 recommended by the mediator.

The employer did a financial review and claimed this increase would be both unaffordable and higher than other comparable settlements at other worksites.

Your bargaining team demonstrated that when all parts of the enhanced-mediator recommended monetary package are considered together, the 1.5-per-cent wage increase is reasonable and on par with many comparable sites.

After listening to our case and the employer’s, the independent arbitrator awarded us the 1.5-per-cent increase in a binding contract that also includes the other enhanced-mediator recommendations you earned back in June:

  • A three-year agreement, effective Dec. 23, 2015, ending Dec. 22, 2018.
  • Wage increases retroactive to 2015: 3 per cent to 36.3 per cent (depending on classification).
  • Wage increases retroactive to 2016: 1 per cent.
  • A new wage grid with different steps.
  • Pyramided (stacked) shift differential and weekend premiums.
  • Health benefit plan improvements.
  • Improved leaves of absence.
  • Improved sick leave.

This was a very difficult round of bargaining, and after Covenant Care rejected the mediator’s recommendations on July 25, this achievement carries even more weight.

It’s clear we have an employer who values profit and personal power at the expense of those who keep their facilities running, so it’s important, now that we have protections and rights in writing, that we can continue to protect and build on them.

We plan to start this process in January of next year, when we’ll meet with the employer again to renew our collective agreement.

Thank you for empowering each other throughout this process. If you have any questions, please contact us (information at the bottom).

Villa Marie and Holy Cross Manor

Your bargaining team met with the employer again on Oct. 22 and 23 to continue bargaining, and the employer came with a new monetary offer.

Previous offer

  • One-per-cent increase in 2017/18
  • Zero-per-cent increase in 2018/19

New offer (in October)

  • One-per-cent increase in 2017/18
  • Matched increase to St. Marguerite Manor in 2018/19

At our next meetings on Dec. 3 and 19, we’ll come prepared with a counter proposal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of your bargaining team members or AUPE resources staff (contact info below).

Chateau Vitaline

On April 3, your bargaining team served notice to bargain, and on Oct. 11 and 12, we began negotiations.

We’ll be meeting with Covenant Care again on Jan. 30 and 31. As bargaining progresses, we’ll keep you updated on any changes at the table. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact us – we’re here to support each other:

Novlette Ramsamugh 587-889-4476 or
Harjit Guraya 587-892-6311 or
Tracy Lowe
Tory Meyer

Holy Cross Manor
Izzy Keenas 587-215-4552 or
Delia Datuin 403-807-2791 or
Dalin Chour 403-801-4092 or

Villa Marie
Danielle Dreger 403-896-5455 or
Joanne May 403-588-5962 or
Dietta Kinkley 403-848-3239

Kathryn Kennedy
Grace Doru

Chateau Vitaline
Biljana Smiljkovic 780-340-7176 or *Wendy Novotny *780-915-8700 or
Junel Samlio

Alternative: *Filma Casimero *

John Wevers Negotiator 780-238-4767 or
Dave Malka Organizer 780-231-1800 or
Celia Shea Communications 780-720-8122 or