Talks with employer prove productive

Your negotiating team met with the employer for a number of days, concluding on July 31. These sessions were productive and resulted in the signing off of 27 articles with amendments or gender-neutral changes.

The highlights include:

Article 23 Leaves of Absence
Personal and Family Responsibility Leave: If an Employee who has completed ninety (90) days of continuous employment is unable to report to work due to personal matters or family responsibilities, the Employee shall inform the Employer with as much advance notice as possible. Such absence from work shall not exceed five (5) working days per year and will be paid. An Employee may be required to submit proof of the leave requirement in a form acceptable to the Employer.

Article 4 Union Recognition
Persons whose jobs are not in the Bargaining Unit shall not perform Bargaining Unit work, except for instruction purposes or due to unforeseen short-term emergency circumstances. Only after all applicable Bargaining Unit Employees have been given the opportunity to fill a vacant shift, may the Employer choose to fill such vacant shift with a non bargaining unit individual. The filling of such shift shall not displace any Bargaining Unit Employee or reduce hours of work or pay for any Bargaining Unit Employee.

Article 30 Grievance Procedure
This article was restructured to include group and policy grievances.

(a) It is the desire of both Parties to this Agreement to resolve grievances in a manner that is just and equitable, and it is not the intention of either the Employer or the Union to evade settlement of a dispute on a procedural technicality. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is clearly understood time limits established herein are for the sake of procedural orderliness and are to be adhered to.

(b) Should either Party fail to adhere to the time limits, the onus is on that party to show a justifiable reason for its’ failure to adhere to such limits.

Your negotiating team will meet with the employer again on August 12-14. The Employer has committed to provide its full monetary package on August 12. We hope to be able to maintain the good momentum we had during the non-monetary discussions.

Choices in Community Living (Legacy Lodge) negotiation team:
Carolyn Schmidt-Luff,
Wendy James,
Marilyn Peterson,
Nicole Hoetmer (ALT),

AUPE support staff:
Dale Perry, Negotiator,
Farris Sobhani, Organizer,
Terry Inigo-Jones, Communications,