Enhanced mediation to start in August

Your bargaining committee met with the employer on April 9 to continue bargaining your collective agreement. We’re disappointed to report the employer agreed to just five articles (Paid Holidays, Transportation, Grievance Procedure, WCB and Hours of Work) and, in their counter proposal, failed to address most of our remaining concerns.

Of CBI’s proposals, many simply repeat what’s found in Alberta Employment Standards, including Maternity Leave and vacation pay for community staff, capped at six per cent after five continuous years of service.

The other employer-proposed items are equally disappointing, especially considering how long we’ve been in bargaining and working without a collective agreement.

Some of these offers include: one-per-cent, 1.25-per-cent and 1.5-per-cent wage increases over three years; five paid days of bereavement leave, but only if the employee’s worked a minimum of 25 hours per week and is enrolled in the benefit plan; and $0.75/hour and $1.00/hr shift differentials for lodge employees working between 0600 and 1400, and 1400 and 0600, respectively.

When CBI failed to address our concerns about Overtime, Sick Leave, Benefits, RRSPs, Temporary Employees, Casual Employees, Weekend Premiums and more, we remained firm, counter proposing with our ingoing language and a fair salary grid for our LPNs and HCAs that matches other Alberta health care agreements.

Because of this, we will go to enhanced mediation in August. This is a process in collective bargaining where an independent, third party will assist both sides in reaching an agreement.

Your bargaining committee knows the work you do, caring for some of Alberta’s most vulnerable people, is worth more than bare minimum working conditions and small gains.

All of you have taken the time to consider each other’s best interests and your clients’ best interests. This speaks to the staying power of solidarity.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact one of your bargaining team members.

Elvis Kyle
Susana Sison
Tina Laforce

Ken Cutrell Negotiator
Jenn Prosser Organizer or 780-655-7232
Celia Shea Communications or 780-720-8122