In an earlier update, the Union advised you that an application for Mediation was made after talks broke down and we expected that process to take place in late May.

The parties met on May 25, 26 & 27 and little progress was made even with the assistance of a Mediator. However, as there was some progress, we agreed to meet again on June 14, 15 & 16 with the Mediator in attendance.

Unfortunately, we were not able to reach agreement on the most contentious issues, which we know are extremely important to the membership (job security, hours of work, wages etc.). As a result, your bargaining committee has agreed to meet with the Employer and the Mediator again on June 26 and 27. These talks are at a crucial stage.

We appreciate your continued patience and support. Your committee will continue to work hard towards reaching an acceptable Collective Agreement.

In Solidarity,

Russ Hooper Committee Member
Rob Schenier Committee Member
Dallas Shier Committee Chairperson
Errol Strang Committee Member

Dave Malke Member Service Officer
Lloyd C. Glibbery AUPE Negotiator