Bargaining continues

On March 4 and 5, your bargaining team met with the employer for the tenth time. While we did sign off on our Grievance Procedure and an improved Workload Appeal process, overall the employer has resisted the changes you’ve identified as a top priority.

For instance, we’ve almost come to an agreement on language that will update our Leaves of Absence to be in line with the Employment Standards Code. These updates to the collective agreement are important, but we’re already guaranteed the protections they provide under the law, whether they’re written into the contract or not. Whereas other protections we’ve proposed, which aren’t law, Carewest is still dismissing.

We haven’t confirmed further meeting dates, but the employer did tell us they’re considering applying for third-party negotiations assistance through informal mediation with the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB).

While an informal mediator can’t issue a binding agreement, and the process isn’t as intensive as formal mediation, having an independent party facilitate our conversations might help move bargaining forward.

Carewest is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alberta Health Services, but right now they aren’t offering the same improvements our union secured at the AHS bargaining tables. Regardless of what next steps we take at the table, your bargaining team will continue to push for an agreement that’s fair and reflects your worth, which is no different than other health care workers employed at comparable health care facilities in Alberta.

Kathleen Schwengler
Tracy Emovon
Patricia DeFreitas
June St. Lewis
Leighann Bernard
Heather Chidziva
Gilmise Joseph
Anthony Tshimanga
Glenda Nakaska-Smith
Dilys Adu-Darko

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