Bargaining continues on a good note.

On Dec. 18 and 19 your bargaining team met with Carewest to continue negotiations. Our meetings took a positive turn, and we’re pleased to report we signed off on five items that will introduce improvements to your working conditions.

Signed off items include:

  • A Safe and Respectful Workplace – No Discrimination article: provides a clear definition of harassment, a process to address it and timelines for investigations to be completed.
  • Improved Grievance Procedure article: now holds both parties involved in a grieved dispute responsible for sharing relevant information with each, so the problem can be addressed and resolved at the worksite level first.
  • New Workload Letter of Understanding (LOU).
  • Improved Occupational Health and Safety article: now ensures the employer provides you with Safe and Respectful Environment Policy and Working Alone policies and procedures in line with new legislation to be reviewed annually by the Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

Article 23 was also signed off with clearer language but no substantive changes.

Thank you for standing beside each other and your bargaining team throughout negotiations. Over these last two days of bargaining, we’ve seen your persistence pay off. We hope the employer continues down this path and allows us to bring more improvements to our workplace at our next meetings; you deserve it.

Our next bargaining dates will be determined soon.

If you have any questions, please contact:

CAREWEST GSS BARGAINING TEAM MEMBERS: Lorena Cavero Rene Gripping Tim Sherba Denise Kuzyk

Chris Dickson Negotiator *Michelle Szalynski *Organizer
Celia Shea Communications