Bargaining Begins

Your bargaining committee met with the employer to exchange initial packages on Jan. 8 and 9, and were able to sign off a number of articles as current, which means the language will remain the same as it is seen in the current collective agreement.

We were also able to agree on necessary changes to the Disciplinary Action article, which will now require the employer to begin the investigation process within 10 days of becoming aware of an incident. Previously there were no specified timelines outlined for this process in the collective agreement.

Overall, we had healthy and productive conversations and are scheduled to meet for bargaining again on Jan. 16, 22 and 23. Further updates will be provided after those negotiations have concluded.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact a member of your bargaining committee or an AUPE staff member listed below.

Capital Region Housing Corporation Bargaining Team Members:
Lori Brown
Corine Heffernan
Sheila McKay
Shelly Smok (alternate)
Brock Ciochetti (alternate)

AUPE Staff:
Chris Dickson, AUPE Negotiator –
Farris Sobhani, Organizer –
Mariam Ibrahim, Communications –