Tentative agreement ratified

Your bargaining team is pleased to report on April 26, our ballots were counted and the majority of our nursing care team was in favour of the tentative agreement. Capital Care also voted in favour, and we now have a collective agreement after a difficult round of bargaining.

The agreement is similar to the contract our general support services coworkers achieved in April. We’re pleased to be protected by provisions that will raise everybody’s working conditions.

Effective July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2020, our collective agreement will introduce a number of changes to our working conditions.

Several provisions will help protect our health, including a $100-increase to our flex spending account (pro-rated for eligible part-time employee based on their FTE); a fairer dental fee system; and an AB Blue Cross Supplementary Benefit Plan, with 100-per-cent direct bill coverage for certain specialized medical services and equipment.

An improved grievance procedure and new workload appeal process will help us speed up resolutions in both situations. Other language in the agreement will protect our employment, including a “no involuntary loss of employment” clause, meaning if your FTE or earnings are reduced, any shortfalls you experience will be fixed through any combination of FTE, Rate of Pay and Classification adjustments if the reduction is deemed involuntary in the grievance procedure.

We didn’t get wage adjustments for 2017 and 2018, but a “me too” agreement will come into effect in 2019, where we’ll match the resolution reached at the AHS Nursing Care wage reopener negotiations.

Thank you for patience throughout bargaining and working together to make our jobsite better for everyone, so we can continue delivering quality care.

Marlene Murtha
Rhea Coughlan
Elizabeth Csernyanszki

Mac McNaughton Negotiator or 780-930-3352
Michelle Szalynski Organizer or 780-930-3388
Celia Shea Communications or 780-930-3398