Bargaining Survey

Your bargaining teams are preparing to negotiate new collective agreements, and they need to know what is important to you. Please take the time to complete the written survey distributed in your workplace by Nov. 30, 2017.

When it comes to the language in your agreement, words matter! A collective agreement is like a rule book that sets out important guidelines that a ect you on a daily basis in the workplace.

The information from the surveys will help your bargaining team establish clear priorities for a new collective agreement. It’s your agreement—help your bargaining teams make it better!


  • June 2 – AUPE served notice to bargain to the employer for all bargaining units
  • June 15 – Employer responded naming Mr. David Garratt as their chief spokesperson, along with Dana Penner, Jennifer Vance and Val Trotter as members of their bargaining committee
  • July 3 – AUPE requested all available dates from Mr. Garratt and disclosure of all information relevant to bargaining. To date there has been no response from the employer, despite repeated requests for this information on Aug. 19 and Sept. 5.
  • Aug 31 – Current Collective Bargaining Agreements for all Bethany Care Society sites expire. Please note that this contract still remains in force until a new one is negotiated. Contact your Membership Services Officer at 1-800-232-7284 if you need union representation.
  • Nov 30 – Deadline to submit bargaining surveys

This round of bargaining will take place in a significantly different legal landscape as a result of Bill 17, The Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces Act, which was introduced by the government in May 2017.

The bill makes moderate changes to bring Alberta’s Employment Standards and Labour Relations codes in line with the rest of Canada and alleviate some of the heavy imbalance of power and rights that has long existed in favour of employers.

The most significant cant change that will directly impact bargaining at Bethany Care Society (as well as many other AUPE members) is the extension of the requirement to negotiate essential service agreements (ESAs). Now all continuing care sites (such as Bethany Care Society), as well as home care and lab or blood services are also required to negotiate an ESA before proceeding to mediation, strike or lockout.

An advantage of the essential service provisions in the labour code is that employers are prohibited from using replacement workers. Without the ability to rely on scabs during a strike or lockout, the balance of power between employer and union in a dispute is less heavily tipped toward the employer.

Your bargaining teams are preparing for negotiations by developing bargaining and member engagement strategies and writing proposals for bargaining. In the coming weeks and months, your team members will be providing information about negotiations as well as our communications and public awareness strategies to achieve a fair and reasonable collective agreement.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a member of your bargaining committee.



Sabrina Edwards 403-837-2708 (texting) or
Jill Thompson
Dee Erickson


Cathy Croeze 403-807-1507 (texting) or
Carol Tardif 403-620-5033 (texting) or
Shelley Mazurek 587- 437- 2103 (texting) or


Nursing Care
Luanne Braun
Val Monkman
Kathy Groves

General Support Services
Olea Lindholm
Margaret Billings


Sharon Hoben 403- 813- 9416 (texting) or
Catherine van Tol 403-926-3379 or
Mai Fang Tian 403-397-3796 or


Lourdes Alberto 403-872-3718 (texting) or
Chantai Paris-Arsenault 403-352-8023 (texting) or
Milady Laconsay 403-307-1733 (texting)

John Wevers, Negotiator 1-800-232-7284 or
Michelle Szalynski, Organizer 1-800-232-7284 or
Steve Stasiak, Membership Services Officer 1-800-232-7284 or
Merryn Edwards, Communications 1-800-232-7284 or