Alberta Health Services is currently evaluating multiple non-medical treatment occupations to determine which occupations have been improperly excluded from the AUPE General Support Services bargaining unit as “out of scope” employees. As a result of this review, many AHS employees who have been improperly excluded from the AUPE bargaining unit by AHS will be brought into the bargaining unit.

Those of you who are affected by this change will no doubt have questions about how your existing pay and benefits arrangement will fit into the existing AUPE collective agreement.

Be assured that AUPE is working to ensure that every employee brought into our bargaining unit remains whole, and suffers no loss as a result of these changes. To achieve that goal, the union established the following key principles that will guide our interactions with your employer as these changes occur:

  1. AUPE asserts that all AHS employees who are now being included in the AUPE bargaining unit always ought to have been included in the AUPE bargaining unit, and therefore should suffer no loss when they become members of the union
  2. Any employee who was improperly excluded from the AUPE bargaining unit, and is now included in the bargaining unit, has the immediate right to any benefit or salary schedule applicable to them under the collective agreement.
  3. Any benefit or salary schedule previously enjoyed by a member who was improperly excluded from the bargaining unit, which is superior to the salary schedule or benefit provided by the collective agreement, must be retained by that member upon their inclusion in the bargaining
  4. New members improperly excluded from the bargaining unit that are now included in the bargaining unit, who are employed in classifications which substantially differ from those described in the collective agreement, must not be improperly reclassified by the employer

AUPE is by far the province’s largest and strongest union, with more than 80,000 members providing important services to Albertans in every part of the province. I am proud we can now count you amongst our ranks of professional, dedicated employees serving Albertans needs every day.

As a member of AUPE you now have the largest, most influential and effective union in the province looking out for your interests, and we will use these considerable resources in our negotiations to ensure you remain whole as these changes occur.

More information will be provided to newly-included AHS employees once AUPE receives official notification of who the new members are. We appreciate your patience as AHS works through this process and will do our utmost to protect your interests as throughout.