Today is Canadian Multiculturalism Day, and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is recognizing and celebrating the diversity of its membership of over 93,000.

“Canada is a mosaic, rich with history, and our union is no different,” said Karen Weiers, AUPE Vice-President and chair of the union’s Human Rights Committee. “On Canadian Multiculturalism Day, we recognize and proudly embrace the diversity of our members.”

Canada was the first country to adopt an official multiculturalism policy, and multiculturalism is enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Weiers also noted there is much room to create a more inclusive society.

The Human Rights Committee was proud to co-present the union’s first Creating Connections conference this week, which educated members on everything from recognizing biases to communicating across cultures and much more in an effort to increase member mobilization for social justice. The four-day conference wrapped up today.

“AUPE’s Human Rights Committee continues its work to make life more fair and equal for everyone.”

Weiers encourages interested members to become involved with union activities, including those related to human rights issues and multiculturalism.

“Whether it is by attending a cultural event or talking with our neighbours, there are many ways we can celebrate Canada’s multiculturalism and promote awareness of issues of equality and discrimination that affect us all.”