The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is calling on the Alberta government to keep its commitment to public long-term care in the province in light of today’s announcement that yet another private, for-profit company will receive public funds to open a care facility in Edmonton.

The government has awarded Park Place Seniors Living $6.3 million to build a facility with 99 long-term care beds in west Edmonton.

The decision runs counter to the NDP’s own election platform and the principles the government said would guide its decisions around long-term care in Alberta.

It similarly contradicts what Health Minister Sarah Hoffman has herself said about the NDP government’s priorities for public health care and long-term care beds across the province.

“This decision today from Alberta Health is an ill-advised extension of the former Progressive Conservative government’s habit of funnelling public dollars into private care facilities,” AUPE President Guy Smith said. “When the NDP came to power, they did so on a platform that prioritizes patient care and public health. This decision severely undermines those values.”

Smith is calling on Minister Hoffman to keep her commitment to bolster the province’s long-term care with 2,000 public beds.

“When public money goes to private facilities, profits go to fatten the company’s bottom line instead of improving the quality of care and paying fair wages to the staff who provide that care,” Smith said. “The province must stop this creeping privatization of long-term care in Alberta by upholding and supporting publicly-delivered care with public beds.”

For more information:

Guy Smith, AUPE President: 780-265-2294
Mariam Ibrahim, AUPE Communications: 780-930-5218