This is a friendly reminder to submit claims to your Flexible Spending Account. The Flexible Spending Account is a benefit that provides you with annual credits that can be used to customize your benefits package to best meet your personal needs.

Each calendar year, Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides eligible employees with flex credits that can be distributed between three accounts: a Personal Spending Account, a Health Spending Account and a Group Savings Plan (RRSP and/or TFSA). During the 2019 allocation period last fall, you would have distributed your credits between those accounts.

Your Personal Spending Account is a taxable benefit and can be used to support wellness, professional development and family care. Eligible expenses include:
• Gym memberships
• Fitness equipment
• Daycare or after school care costs
• New computer equipment
• Smartphones
• Internet and/or phone service plan
• Tuition fees and seminar costs

Your Health Spending Account is a non-taxable benefit and can be used to support health related eligible expenses that adhere to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines. Unpaid amounts of health, dental or drug expenses can also be submitted to your Health Spending Account. For more information on eligible expenses, visit the CRA website.

You can submit spending account claims quickly and easily online or through the Alberta Blue Cross app. Alberta Blue Cross offers direct deposit and reimbursement typically takes two to three days. For assistance submitting claims, view Alberta Blue Cross resources on AHS Insite.

Anyone with questions about their Flexible Spending Account or submitting expense claims can contact the AHS HR Contact Centre at 1-877-511-4455 and

Thank you,
AUPE and Alberta Health Services