This update covers the pilot review/appeal process, the Therapy Assistant review, Appendix A Appeals Phase I, and Appendix A Phase II.

Review/Appeal Process (Pilot) – completed

Pursuant to LOU #16 in the Collective Agreement, AUPE and Alberta Health Services Collaborative Committee came to an agreement to develop a one-year pilot project for the classification appeal process for General Support Services.

Attached is the Letter of Understanding outlining the Classification Review and Classification Appeal Process that has been established between AHS and AUPE.

Previously, if an individual did not agree with a classification decision from their reclassification request, s/he would exercise their rights through Article 19 of the Collective Agreement.

The process has changed and the individuals must file an appeal form by fax to 780-930-3393, attention AUPE Union Representative (Classifications), or by email to

Therapy Assistant Review – completed

Edmonton Zone Therapy Classification Review: Letter of Understanding #21 outlines the review and placement process.

After a number of inquiries, a review of those reclassified to Therapy Assistants in the Edmonton Zone was initiated by AHS Job Evaluation in conjunction with HR Client Services, to ensure employees were mapped to the appropriate step. The adjustments were to be implemented earlier; however, we have learned not all adjustments were made for two different areas. This week, AHS Job Evaluation has advised those adjustments will be completed by February 20, 2013.

If anyone has specific questions regarding the step placement or any other questions, please contact your Managers or HR Client Services.

Appendix A Appeals Phase I – internal completed, third-party to be scheduled

Phase I (Calgary, MER, and ACB): The internal appeals to the Director of Job Evaluation, Compensation and Workforce Analytics are occurring. Based on the decisions from this process, any outstanding disputes will be escalated to the Third Party Appeal Chair.

Appendix A Phase II – internal completed, third-party to be scheduled

Phase II (AADAC, Chinook and Palliser): The internal reviews/audits in comparison to representative job descriptions/profiles has been underway in AHS Job Evaluation. Decisions will be rendered, and then the internal appeal process will commence. The same as above, there is a Third Party Appeal Chair to deal with any unresolved classification disputes.

Any questions, please contact or 1-800-232-7284 and ask for Carol Drennan.