EDMONTON – As a result of increasingly frequent and vicious attacks on Correctional Peace Officers at the Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC), the officers instituted a lockdown Friday morning, resulting in inmates being confined to their cells for the day.

This lockdown continued as discussions took place between union representatives and worksite management, as well as with the office of Acting Justice Minister and Solicitor General Marlin Schmidt, to resolve the immediate threats to worker health and safety. An agreement was reached at 5:30 p.m., reflecting a satisfactory resolution.

Since the opening of the ERC, staff have voiced their concerns about officer safety. Because of facility design, a high number of inmates are able to congregate outside of their cells at the same time, thereby increasing the risk to both inmates and staff for injury or violence. The parties agreed Friday that inmates will be released on a rotational basis, reducing this risk.

It was further agreed that the parties will meet early next week with the ADM, correctional officers and OHS staff to discuss more of the longstanding workplace health and safety problems which these members frequently face at ERC.

The remand centre will return to normal operations as soon as possible.


For more information:

Guy Smith, AUPE president: 780-265-2294
Tyler Bedford, AUPE senior communications officer: 780-298-7626