The following summary of changed articles has been provided by your Government Services Bargaining Committee, reflecting the details of the tentative agreement reached with the Employer as of April 28, 2014.

The GSBC thanks all members for their patience and resolve during this extraordinarily difficult round of negotiations. Without your support and solidarity we never would have been able to achieve what we did in negotiations.

The tentative agreement provides on-the-grid salary increases of 6.75% over the next three years, and an $1850 lump-sum payment to eligible employees as of ratification (prorated for for part-time salaried and wage employees, click for details).

Other key changes improve shift and weekend differentials, weekend premium and overtime for Subsidiary Agreements #2, #3, and #6 to match provisions in the other Subsidiary Agreements.

Members are encouraged to review the comprehensive list of changes available below.

An information package with ballot will be mailed to all members within the next week. Ballots must be mailed back to AUPE headquarters by the deadline indicated in your package, using the provided postage-paid envelope.

Please review these changes carefully. You may wish to cross-reference the changes listed below against the current language of the collective agreement, which you can access at this link:

You can always find updates related to Government Services Bargaining, and e-mail contacts for your Government Services Bargaining Committee representative, at the following page on the AUPE website:

The full 334 page tentative agreement can be downloaded by clicking here. (Warning! This file is a 13mb PDF.)



Ratification = $1850 Lump sum for eligible (prorated for PT/Wage, see conditions)
April 1 2014 = 2% to wage grids
April 1 2015 = 2.25% to wage grids
April 1 2016 = 2.5% to wage grids


Article 1 Definitions – New definition for Alberta Public Service & changed to alphabetical order

Article 4 Application – Housekeeping change to be consistent with Article 29

Article 8 Union membership and dues check-off – Housekeeping change (information update) Employer Employee Relations

Article 10 Employee-Employer Relations – Housekeeping Change

Article 11 Time Off for Union Business Amended to reflect current practices

Article 18 Shift Differential – upon ratification
3:00PM to 11:00 PM = $2.75
11:00PM to 7:00 AM = $5.00

Article 18A Weekend Premiums – Upon Ratification weekend will start Friday at 3:00PM and end Monday at 7:00Am; increase rate to $3.25.

Article 19 Call Back – Housekeeping; tied to sub changes

Article 25 Correctional Institution Salary Allowance – House-keeping change Department of Solicitor General and Public Security changed to “Employer”.

Article 26 Authorized Expenses – Housekeeping update – subsistence travel and moving regulations changed to travel meal and Hospitality expense directive and Public Service Relocation and Employment Expense Regulations.

Article 29 Grievance Procedure – Eliminate the Prohibitions in 29.01c. Members will now be able to pursue harassment and discrimination issues to level 3.

Article 33 Proof of Illness – Housekeeping change Employing Department to “Employer”

Article 33A Long Term Disability – Change to reflect current Practices and the plan

Article 36A Christmas Closure – additional days off due to closure of government offices and non-essential operations when Christmas falls on:
Sunday or Monday – 2 days
Tuesday to Saturday – 3 days

Article 37 Annual Vacation Leave – Improvements to the accrual rates for annual vacation as follows. – All newly hired employees receive 5 days vacation on hire – After 5 years of service get 20 days – After 13 years of service get 25 days – After 21 years of service get 30 days – After 30 years of service get 35 days
Vacation entitlement is now earned monthly and can be utilized as earned

Article 38 Special Leave – Elimination of leave for administration of estate, moving of house hold effects, disaster conditions, writing exams, present of adoption, Canadian citizenship hearing; replaced with up to 3 personal leave days.

Article 40A Maternity Leave – Housekeeping employing Department to “Employer”

Article 47 Term of Agreement – 4 Year term to March 31, 2017

(NEW) Article 50 Harassment & Discrimination – parties agree to have a safe and respectful work environment free from Bullying and Harassment.

Supplements I + II – renumbered

Addendum II – housekeeping change

LOUHSA – removed language around the initial implementation of the health spending account from previous round of bargaining.

LOU – Legal Fee’s – Amended to reflect the new LOU on Legal Indemnity

NEW LOU Legal Indemnity – For acts undertaken in the course of Employment or at the request of the Crown. All legal cost covered by the employer.

Letter of Intent Temporary & Wage Review – amended to include all departments and conduct review on annual basis.

NEW Letter of Intent Employee Relations Committee – Mutual agreement to promote effective communications through the ERC Committees.

Subsidiary agreements

Overtime provisions amended in Subsidiary agreements 2, 3 & 6 to bring them in line with the Master Agreement.

Improvements to protective clothing and high rigging allowances.