Duties of the Young Activists Committee

AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Young Activists Committee as follows:

The Young Activists Committee shall:

  1. establish ongoing connections with AUPE members 30 years and younger to determine their needs, issues, concerns as younger workers and as AUPE members;
  2. establish a network of AUPE’s younger members to share common issues, interests, and concerns as younger workers, and to provide a forum to raise their issues and concerns;
  3. encourage younger members’ participation in AUPE, their worksites and their communities;
  4. bring forward issues of concern for younger members to the Provincial Executive and Convention;
  5. present appropriate resolutions at Convention;
  6. to educate younger members on youth movements in the community and to establish links with youth movements which share the same goals and objectives as AUPE;
  7. keep younger members informed of the issues affecting AUPE through articles in “Direct Impact” and through a Young Activist Committee web-page; and
  8. establish a network of elected Local contacts to develop a line of communication between the Young Activists Committee and the membership.