2009 Convention Resolutions

1. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that AUPE fund a Youth Conference in accordance with the Conference Policy, every two years, at the Young Activists Committee’s discretion; and
THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all the Locals be encouraged to sponsor additional 30 years or younger members, above the limit in the AUPE Policy, to attend at the Local’s expense.

2. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Union, as represented by the Young Activists Committee, participate in the education program of the Aspen Foundation to educate young people on the merits and principles of union membership.

3. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that all AUPE Bargaining Committees are encouraged to prepare for some hard bargaining for casual members of AUPE.

4. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that all Standing Committees are encouraged to hold at least half of all their meetings at a variety of worksites across Alberta.